Check out what our clients think of us!

“I grabbed a burrito al pastor for lunch today, and it was great! Fast service, good prices, and yummy food with a little twist compared to some of the other trucks. Bonus points for using wax paper so the plate doesn’t melt”

Ty D.f

“Delicious burritos- tried the picadillo and the colorado…. so yummy! The tortillas are made a little bit crunchy, which makes me wonder why every burrito I’ve ever had wasn’t made this way. Plus, the owners are so friendly 🙂 Great food, great value, great people.”

Liz G.f

“My dad got the chorizo con huevo burrito and I got three tacos (pollo, chorizo, and asada) all of which were amazing and full of so much flavor! We both added the hot sauces to them which just amped the flavor! Absolutely delicious and the man was a sweet as can be!”

Marie H.f